10 Tasty Coffee Cocktails You Have To Try


Coffee and alcohol mixed together is simply a perfect pairing. Not only does the combination of premium liquors and the rich flavor of coffee go great together, it's also useful for when you want to party for longer. You see, the caffeine in coffee counteracts the effects of alcohol that sometimes make you feel sleepy. Of course, you could just put a dash of whatever booze you have into a cup of coffee, but that would be boring! If you want to be adventurous and creative, check out these ten delicious coffee cocktails!


This 'Caramel Mocha Martini' looks incredible!

Baker’s Royale


Take a look at this video to find a recipe for Spanish coffee, featuring 'Bacardi' and 'Kahlua'. 



Check out this awesome hot coffee cocktail!




This 'Monkey Coffee' is extremely decadent.



An 'Amaretto Espresso Ice Cream Float' is just the thing for a hot day. Yum.




An 'Irish Mocha Coffee' hits the spot, too.



And, what about an 'Ice Cube Coffee' cocktail?




A great winter warmer is this 'Dutch Gingerbread Spiced Coffee'.

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Go big or go home with an 'AK-47 Espresso Martini'.




Or, if you're in a hurry, just a nip of 'Amaretto' makes any coffee special!


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