13 People Who Simply Want To Cause Mayhem In The World

Most people out there just want things to be nice and orderly, and done in the right way. However, there are also those people out there who just don’t care about things running smoothly and will happily let chaos reign. We’re not saying that there’s always a right way to do something, but these folks seem to intentionally mess with people’s heads! If you want to see what we mean, check out these thirteen people who just want to cause mayhem!

This ‘UPS’ delivery person who just doesn’t care about your note.

This sweater guy.

The person who had some fun with the apples!

These company employees who defied the note on the stapler!

The person who designed these stairs must be evil!

Whoever wrote the note in the bottom right corner, likes to ruin dreams.

The person who labeled this door knew how much it would confuse people.

The creator of this ‘food’.

Who designed this jigsaw puzzle? And, why?!

This person who’s doing ‘Capri Sun’ all wrong!

The anarchist who took the first piece of brownie like this…

This person made this plate of food out of apple, yogurt and a peach!

Whoever packaged these books should be ashamed of themselves.

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