14 Spooky Ghosts Allegedly Captured On Camera


Cultures all over the world seem the be obsessed with ghosts. This is quite probably something to do with fear over our own mortality and questions about what happens to us when we die. So, can we really safely say that ghosts are all in our heads? Perhaps not! These 14 petrifying pictures all claim to contain a ghostly apparition. Spooky. We’re not going to say they’re real, but we won’t rule it out, either. What do you think?

A man took a photo of his wife praying alone at Worstead Church in 1975. But, then, who’s sitting behind her!

Ghosts at sea?

This teenager took a photo of herself with her nephew, when her sister photo bombed it. She thought it was funny, but on closer inspection there was an unexpected figure between them. The three were alone in their living room.

This photo was taken by Reverend K.F. Lord in 1963. Experts who analyzed it say the negative wasn’t tampered with, nor was it a double exposure.

This photo was taken at a birthday party in the ’70s. The face at the bottom didn’t belong to any of the attendees. The birthday girl’s mom said that it looked like her other daughter, Maree. The problem? At the time this photo was taken, Maree had already been dead for 10 years.

Someone thought they saw a ghost in their living room, so they took a photo and this was what came out. Spooky.

A ghostly hand.

Is this the original photo of slender man? Okay, this one’s definitely not real, but it has spawned a whole mythos. 

The figure in this photo is supposedly Lord Combermere, but this photo was taken in Combermere Abbey while the Lord’s funeral was taking place 4 miles away.

Could there be some truth to this story? You decide!

What are those mysterious boots behind this little girl?

This photo was taken in a hospital in Bolivia. Check out the elevator.

This lady, her dog, and her husband, who took the photo, were alone in there house. So, who’s that in the window?

A ghostly figure in an old mill.

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Have you ever seen a ghost? If the answer is yes, then maybe you won’t be that shocked at the below 15 photographs. If the answer is no, then maybe this post will have you questioning your views on paranormal activity. Of course, ghosts, spirits and other paranormal beings have existed in our culture (if not in reality) for many thousands of years. Yet it is only relatively recently that photography has made it possible to capture them in an image and share them with the world. What do you think? Fact, or fiction? Take a look at some of the most famous ghost pictures in the world and you can decide!

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