The “Rotoflex” Is A Rotating Bed That Helps People Who Struggle Getting In And Out Of Bed

Getting in and out of bed is a problem for some people particularly the elderly and people with restricted mobility. In order to solve this problem, a company has designed an automatic rotating bed. This solution would allow these people to access the bed safely on their own without the aid of a caregiver. Theraposture, the leading specialist in orthopedic mattresses and adjustable turning beds, introduces the Rotoflex. And this sophisticated adjustable bed might just be the best solution to this problem.

This bed features precision German mechanism that moves the person from an upright seated position to a lying position and vice versa. It allows anyone to independently get in and out of bed. All they need to do is to control the powered rotation mechanism through the use of a remote. With just a push of a button, the bed rotates to a specific side while slowly lifting the head and lowering the foot end to put the person in an upright seated position once it settles to the side. The person should be as good as comfortably seated on a sofa with their feet on the floor. Hence, the person could get out of bed with ease.


A company designed an automatic rotating bed for elderly and people with restricted mobility

automatic rotating bed

When the person wants to get in the bed, they only need to sit on the sofa-like mattress. Then use the remote to let the mattress rotate and position itself on the bed while slowly lowering down the head and lifting the foot end to put the person in a lying position. Additionally, the rotating bed provides a smooth, quiet and strong operation to make the transfer as pleasant as possible.

automatic rotating bed for elderly




automatic rotating bed single


rotoflex solution for elderly restricted mobility

Theraposture offers this rotating bed in a wide range of styles and sizes. There’s the single bed for smaller or shorter users and there’s the twin size bed to assure bariatric support for bigger or heavier users. There’s also one for couples featuring two rotating mattresses on one bed for two users.

rotoflex folding mattress


rotoflex turning mattress


rotoflex double


automatic rotating bed rotoflex


automatic rotating bed twin size

Check out Theraposture website to choose your preferred model. Pricing range from £9,950 to £11,950 which makes it sound too costly. But considering that this bed allows you to cut down costs from hiring a caregiver, it’s actually not a bad deal.


Learn more about Rotoflex on the video below

Source: Theraposture