Dad Builds One-Year-Old Daughter An Awesome ‘Star Wars’ Rocking Horse


Many little girls are given a rocking horse, but this one-year-old is far too cool for that. Australia father Tez Gelmir build his badass baby girl a rocking speeder bike, as featured in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Don't we all wish we'd had such talented fathers who could build us awesome things like this? With his daughter's first birthday coming up, Tez thought he should make her something special, so he designed and crafted this rocker based on the 74-Z Speeder Bike. What's more, he has put a step-by-step guide up on Instructables. So, if you have some woodworking skill and you want to surprise a tiny Star Wars fan, then this is the project for you! Tez's daughter is a cutie and looks like she'll be enjoying her excellent rocking speeder bike for at least a few years to come! Let's take a look!

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To see more about this project, check out the video below! 

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