These Genius People Know How to Create a Clever Pun

Playing with words to make hilarious jokes (or making puns) has fascinated most of us. I’m quite sure everyone has tried making puns that were either too funny or embarrassingly corny.


These people will teach us how to create a clever pun that will make people laugh in an instant. Besides, all you need is a good and witty imagination to become successful at it.


15.  Literally…

VoxDawg / Imgur

14.   Do you know how to pronounce the word ‘bologna’? This is how to say it correctly.

sarcasticstephie / Imgur

13.   When there’s nothing much to do at the office…


12.   The Milky Way as seen from Mars.


11.   This is one sofishticated pun!

pitrack / Imgur

10.   Try not to sing this one. Forget it! I know you’ll sing it anyway.

ThePlatitudeFromOuterSpace / Imgur

9.   She sent this pic to her boyfriend who’s studying abroad.

DysenTeriyakii / Imgur

8.  This corny joke is as corny as it gets.

Icanpunanything / Imgur

7.    Well, that’s cute.

mishappeningDad / Imgur

6.   Started from the bottom, now I’m here!

reapersfate / Imgur

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