15 Genius Hacks To Make Life Easier


Here's a collection of genius life hacks that everyone should know about. There's some brilliant tips and tricks that will help you with all sorts of things, such as how to quickly remove deodorant stains from your clothes and how to easily identify which clothes you really should get rid of! Enjoy!


Save all of your wine bottle corks to make your own DIY cork board.

wine cork board

Store your scarves and stockings easily by tying them to hangers.

scarves to hangers


Prevent awful tangles in your necklaces by placing them through straws.

necklace through straw


When your packing for your vacation, place your shoes in a shower cap to prevent the soles touching your clothes.

shoes shower cap


Frozen grapes make excellent white wine chillers. They won't water down your drink and you can eat them at the end!

frozen grapes wine


Use different colors of nail polish on your keys to identify which is for where.

nail polish keys


Use this guide for tucking flared jeans into your boots.

tuck jeans in


Aches and pains? Use rice and a sock for a quick and easy heat pad. Fill the sock with rice (and a few drops of essential oils if you like) and sew up the end. Place in the microwave for a minute, then pop the pad on your achy area.

rice sock hot pack


Dryer sheets are great for removing deodorant stains from your clothes.

deodorant dryer sheets


Wearing your hair in a tight ponytail too often will strain the follicles and prevent hair growth. Vary where you place yours and keep it looser.

loose ponytails


A pumice stone is great to use for removing bobbles from coats and jumpers.

pumice stone


Apply clear nail polish to the inside of your rings to prevent those annoying green stains on your skin.

clear nail polish on the inside of rings


Loosen new shoes: put on a think pair of socks with your new shoes. Get your hairdryer and direct the heat around the tight area for a few minutes. Allow to cool before taking the shoes and socks off.

loosen tight shoes



Oops. You've spilt red wine all over your white blouse. Did you know that you can apply white wine to the stain to neutralize the red color? This will allow the stain to come out easily when you run it through a wash.

white wine red wine


Here's a great way to see what you really don't wear in your wardrobe. Place all of your hangers the wrong way round. Each time you take something to wear, replace the hanger the normal way round. At the end of the season you will see which items you didn't pick out to wear, and you could donate them to charity to clear out some space.

hangers wrong way round

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