15 Great Hacks You Should Know


New life hacks are forever being created and shared across the web so that can make your life just that little bit easier. Check out our collection of some great ideas that are too good to miss out on. You'll wonder where these tips and tricks have been all of your life!


Put baking soda into small bags and place them in your shoes to prevent odors.

baking soda shoe smell


stocking over end of vacuum


Hair stylers will store easily and neatly in a caddy.

caddy hair appliances


tuck in toilet roll


Mount cutlery trays to the wall or inside a cabinet. They make great storage for your jewelry collection.

cutlery trays jewelry


brownie in a mug


If you're unsure whether a bra is right for you then see if you can fit two fingers under the band. If you can't then it's too tight and if you can with more then it's too loose.

fingers for bra sizE


color coded cords


lock door trick



Hang your purse collection in your wardrobe on shower curtain hooks.

Hang bags with shower hooks
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pool noodle bed


A magnetic strip in your bathroom is a great place to put tweezers, scissors and hair grips. You'll never lose them again!

Magnetic strip bathroom tweezers
Darkroom and Dearly

shopping bag holder


A magnet board is perfect for make-up.

Make up on a magnet board

Cut pool noodles to fit the length of your boots to keep them stored upright.

Pool noodles inside boots

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