15 Epic Cake Failures That Look Nothing Like The Original

Have you ever seen a picture of a cake looking so tempting that you want to recreate it right away? Of course, these beautiful cakes in question are often made by professional bakers. But when amateur bakers try to recreate the works of professionals, the most hilarious things can happen. Take a look at these epic cake failures and prepare for a good laugh! 

How to ruin a caterpillar cake…

Is that supposed to be an engine motor?

The unicorn has awakened…

This is how a black forest looks like after a wildfire.

Is this a comparison between a fresh and a rotten watermelon?

The effect of the cursed apple is taking its toll on Snow White.

This is despicable!

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A mom tried to recreate a hedgehog cake for his son. Good effort! 

When the cake decorator was so overly-obedient…

Mickey Mouse won’t approve of this.

The duck is up to something.

Don’t get it wrong. It’s supposed to be a turkey cake.

Life has been rough for Peppa.

A total mouse repellent.

When fairy tales become nightmares.