14 Things That Can Be Done More Easily Than We Thought

We do many habitual things on a daily basis without thinking. We learn to cook, clean and create things in certain ways and tend to stick to our roots. But, sometimes we could be making our lives more stressful than necessary. Here we have 14 things that can be done more easily than we thought. We love the powdered sugar decorating idea and the iPhone makeover! Take a look, you might just find something that will benefit you! 

Things That Can Be Done More Easily Than We Thought

If you break a glass, wipe the area with a slice of bread. Strangely, the food is great for picking up tiny shards of glass that we struggle to see! 

Use clothing hooks to stop your garbage bags from moving/splitting in the can. 

To stop a chopping board from slipping and sliding, place a wet paper towel underneath! 

To clean the insides of bottles, place some broken up egg shells inside, add water and shake vigorously! Rinse out and your bottle should be visibly clean. 

If your iPhone smashes and you can’t afford repairs, you could style it out like in the image below! All you need is a few highlighters! Trace over the cracks and then wipe clean. Seal with clear nail varnish or tape! 

Struggling to shake the ketchup out of your bottle? Tap the spot that has 57 on it and you should get better results. 

To dry out herbs, microwave them for 1 minute! 

If you can’t open a jar, try placing an elastic band around the lid and giving it another go! 

To achieve this lovely effect, use a piece of lace and some powdered sugar! 

Use spaghetti for lighting candles instead of matches! They are longer and burn easily. 

To hold your spoon in place and stop it from slipping into your pot, place an elastic band around the end of it! 

Increase the amount of juice you are able to squeeze from lemons and limes by heating them in a microwave for 20 seconds beforehand. 

For thin cheese slices, use a potato peeler! 

Place your candles in the freezer for one day before burning. This helps them to last way longer!