These Educators Have Nailed How To Be A Hilariously Great Teacher

When you think back to your school days and the teachers you had, there will always be those few who stood out from the rest. Some because they were strict and terrifying and others because they made their lessons memorable and a whole lot of fun! When an educator engages with his or her pupils and isn’t afraid of injecting a little humor into lessons, it’s surprising how much a class can take on board. Take a look at the different ways these teachers made education more enjoyable for their students!

This is a good way of softening the blow of a failure! 

cool teacher photos wizard stamp


Getting the message across.

A teacher with a sense of humor is a great one!

She’s always there watching… even when she isn’t!

These are the types of teachers we wish we had!

Cheating in an exam is a thing of the past in this school!

The library book angel of death collecting those overdue publications!

An excellent way to get a message across.

This professor’s so busy that he just hung a photo of himself on the door to make it look like he’s in his office!

You WILL use the correct font in class!

Good advice to live by.

He’s so tough he drinks students’ tears!

That’s a fair point.

This math teacher is proud of his profession!