Australia’s Oldest Man Is A Knitting Hero… For Penguins


He's 109 years old, yet Australia's oldest living person, Alfred Date, is still a prolific knitter. He's knitted everything from scarves to jumpers over the past 80 years, for a myriad of people, but his latest project was something truly different… knitting tiny little sweaters for penguins to wear! Yes, that's right. Penguins. 

Website: PenguinFoundation




When Phillips Island Penguin Foundation put a call out asking members of the public to devote their time and yarn to make woolen jumpers for little penguins to wear in the event of an oil spill, Alfred was one of hundreds to respond. 





Alfred, a great great grandfather, says he never learned to say no to favors and so when the nurses at his current retirement home heard about the project, and that he was a keen knitter, well, the rest is history. "I'm a sucker. I can't say no," Alfred told Australian news network, Channel 9 adding, "It's a good way of getting along in life. You make friends all the time."



And the secret to Alfred's longevity? "Waking up every morning." 

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