11 Times Tumblr Talked About Animals With Hilarious Results – Part 2


Welcome to the second part of this post featuring times when the people of Tumblr talked about animals with hilarious results. If you read and enjoyed the first half of the post, then we’re sure you’ll like what we’ve got in store for you now! We all know that animals are adorable, and pretty much the best thing ever, but they also make a good topic for humor. We’ve found some of the funniest animal-related posts on all of Tumblr, so you don’t have to! These eleven posts are among the most hilarious on Tumblr, and that means you don’t have to trawl the whole website to find them! Check it out! 



You’re still a good boy, though!


What else could a horse be doing down there?


Cats might come from a different planet…


Yup. Definitely a forest puppy!


Frogs make the best doormen.


It’s easy to forget something some adorable strikes fear into the hearts of animals everywhere.


This kitty is not amused!


Yeah, Robert. God.


They certainly have their uses!


Oh, my!


Now we want a bunny convertible!

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