18 Incredible Celebrity Impressions Achieved By A Talented Guy And His Make-Up Skills

Many females out there, and also many men, will pretty much have their make up routine nailed. Most people have an ‘everyday look’ along with something slightly more glamorous for an ‘evening look’. However, it’s fair to say that people often automatically think of women when it comes to being talented with make up, but one guy here to prove that this isn’t always the case is Paolo Ballesteros. The Filipino TV host and actor has the ability to completely transform himself into various famous female celebrities, and the results are really shocking! Take a look and don’t forget to check out Paolo’s Instagram via the link below!
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Katy Perry

Megan Fox

Jessie J

Audrey Hepburn

Drew Barrymore

Ariana Grande

Kristen Stewart

Tyra Banks


Kim Kardashian


Jennifer Lawrence

Julia Roberts

Meryl Streep

Daenerys Targaryen

Mariah Carey


Nicole Kidman