11 Stories From People Who Might Be Having Too Much Fun Their First Week Of College


When you arrive at college as a freshman, things can get a little bit crazy. If you’re like most people, it’s the first time you’ve spent a significant amount of time without parental supervision and the freedom can go to your head. It’s likely that you’ll find yourself doing a bit more partying than studying and making yourself some new memories. It’s okay, though, because you’re only a college freshman once (unless you party so hard you have to retake the year!), and there’s bound to be someone getting up to more mischief than you are, anyone. So, check out these eleven stories from people who might be having a bit too much fun their first week of college!



The first week of classes is mostly filler, anyway!


Everybody likes a game of poker


There’s nothing like getting a breeze in places where breezes rarely reach.


For some people, college is an all you can eat boy buffet.


And the same goes for those who are into girls.


That’s as long as you’re not too high to appreciate the local talent.


It’s a good story to tell the grandkids, at least!


If you can get through your first week of college without committing a minor act of arson, then you’re doing well.


At least they got to explore more of the campus. Best not to ask about the watermelon…


College is a time for firsts, anyway.


And, if you want to gain a few more notches in your bedpost, then you do you!

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