Cool Inventions That Will Take You To The Future

 When it comes to the latest gadgets, there tends to be three kinds of people. The first group don’t care at all about having the latest and hottest things on the market, in fact they’re usually four iPhone models behind the rest of us. Then you get those who are in the middle, they can appreciate a good gadget, but don’t have a burning desire or excitement at the thought of something being released. Finally, you have your die hard fans, people who keep up to date with various types of tech and will always upgrade when the choice is there. If you fall into the second or third of those groups, you are going to love these cool inventions that will take you to the future! Take a look! 

Cool Inventions

This 3 sided flip phone is a concept that many people want to see become a reality. 

This device is a Bluetooth ear piece and mini phone in one! 

Do you hate being cold? This jacket has built in heaters that you can control from your phone! 

We really want to try out these side-winding circular skates!  

This concept device is a scanner that allows to you copy and paste, printing photos in ink onto any surface. 

This electric sensor pen digitizes anything written on any surface and sends it to your phone or computer. 

Another interesting phone concept here. The ‘Portal’ smartphone is designed to be super flexible and waterproof up to a depth of 10 meters. You can also wrap it around your wrist and use the device as a fitness tracker. 

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If you’re someone who cares about what goes into your body, this food composition scanner gives you a detailed list of ingredients and information on nutritional values.

These genius headphones automatically translate things that you hear in your chosen language! This is great for travelling and holidays! 

‘Flyte’ is a wireless light bulb that floats above a wooden base that contains magnets. It can run for as long as 22 years if used for 6 hours per day. 

The ‘Miito’ kettle heats any liquid in a cup or bowl. This reduces energy and water wastage dramatically! 

Make use of the natural energy resources available by using one of these awesome solar chargers! 

Sterilize your surfaces with this sanitizing wand that uses UV rays to destroy up to 99% of harmful bacteria and microorganisms. 

This ‘Water Walker & Spa’ looks awesome! You can walk or run on the moving surface at the bottom of the machine just like a normal treadmill.