15 Creative Party Ideas You Will Love


We bet you never knew an empty toilet roll could double as an iPhone speaker! Or that you can easily make all sorts of drinks glow in the dark! When it comes to hosting the perfect party, there are lots of shortcuts and tricks you can do to really impress your guests. Saying that, we have to admit that maybe proper speakers will impress guests more than a toilet roll…yet if you speakers blew, party animals will more than likely be surprised with what you can drum up as a replacement!


Forget the store-bought cheese board; use a little DIY spirit to magic up your own.


Use boiling water to impress your guests with crystal clear ice cubes.


Cut ice cream slices rather than scooping it out.


Fill a glass with cotton candy, then add Perrier and champagne for an awesome-looking drink.


Utilize frozen water bombs to keep your drinks cold in a decorative manner.


For outdoor parties, why not make these awesome glow in the dark balloons? Simply place a glow stick inside each balloon before blowing up or adding helium.



Pretty up your ice cream cones, DIY-style. Instructions here.


Make your own balloon 'surprise' box.


Use this guide to know exactly how much food and drink you will need to cater for your guests.


Did you know the lines on red cups actually mean something?


You can make any drink glow-in-the-dark by using black light and a little tonic water.


Minimize clean-up and make your platters more creative by using peppers for serving dips.


Magic up an iPhone speaker out of an empty toilet roll.


For cake writing that looks professional, dot your letters out with a toothpick first. 


Feeling out of breath? Blow up balloons without using helium or actually blowing into them. 

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