Hilarious Twitter Comebacks From J.K Rowling Showing How Things Are Done

Most people know of J.K Rowling as the talented author responsible for the Harry Potter book series. But, the British novelist makes waves not only for her literary achievements, but for her personality also. Not afraid to hold back when it comes to her political and social views, Rowling has mastered responding to both trolls and fans alike. Of course, her ideals aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but her wit, sass and courage are certainly things to be admired. Take a look!
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Worrying about being cool is not time well spent. 

Here is the author’s opinion on black Hermione!

Ohhh, burn. 

Toned and muscly doesn’t equal ‘built like a man’.

It’s hard to take a frog seriously.

Very motivational!

If you don’t get why this is funny, look up ‘poikilothermic’!

Diamond buttons! Can you even imagine?!

We hope Cassidy wasn’t disappointed with this hilarious response!

A Dumbledore and Gandalf wedding? That would be interesting to watch!

We love the way J.K handles insults.

Aww, we bet this guy’s day was made!

This couldn’t be more spot on!

We don’t think Ana meant her question in a bad or derogatory way but J.K’s response is so true!

It’s nice to see a famous person who doesn’t take the insults they receive to heart. The people that can brush off negativity easily are the ones who live the happiest lives, we think so anyway! It’s fair to say that there are a lot of people who disagree with Rowling’s views, yet that doesn’t stop her publicly talking about, and defending, what she believes in. Keep going to see more brilliant Twitter responses that would have left trolls embarrassed and fans over the moon! 

Irony in a nutshell. 


We’re sure J.K’s heart bled when she read this…

Both sound awful but hilarious!

This person walked straight into this one!

The eternal Twitter profile picture that no one takes seriously.

Why do people always think that award winning authors care for their singular negative opinion?

Chamillionaire is in our heads now. Fab!


It’s called freedom of speech, Mr. America.


We hope savvy replied with more information!