12 Awesome Food And Drink Hacks You’ll Want To Know


The amount of time you’ve got on this planet certainly is not infinite, so if you can save a little bit of time here and there, it all adds up. We’ve got a selection of life hacks you can use in the kitchen that will either save some time or simply makes things a little bit easier or more effective. We just can’t say “no” to these kinds of new ideas. Whether you’re a genius when it comes to the gastronomic arts or you can hardly make a microwave burrito, we think you’ll learn something handy here. So, take a look at these twelve awesome food and drink hacks that you’ll want to know!



Two pizzas, one tray.


These stock cube roast potatoes are extra tasty and lower in fat.


This is super useful for when you forget to take the butter out of the fridge in advance.


What an awesome idea for a garden party.


If only there was a hack to stop onions making you cry, too.


Whoever thought of this deserves a medal!


There’s a correct onion for every job.


Edible bowls ftw!


This is amazing!


How to make the perfect ice cream sandwich…


Never again will you have to choose between warm wine and watery wine.


You can never have enough edible bowls!

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