12 Food Items That Aren’t Quite As Delicious Up Close


Sometimes people use the term “real food” to describe healthy meals made from scratch, featuring veggies, grains and so on. This is kind of misleading though, because it implies that less healthy foods are fake, but we can tell you for sure that pizza and cookies are delightfully real! However, if you do want to see some fake food, look no further. Kristina Lechner has created some awesome plates of “food” that look tasty from afar, but not so much when you look carefully. Made from everyday items, such as beer caps and erasers, these dishes are very much inedible. So, check out these twelve food items that aren’t quite as delicious up close!


These little pieces of sushi look adorable, but we don’t think bubble wrap is as palatable as rice.


At least the bun is light and airy…


Rubberband meatballs are not high up on our “to try” list.


Post-it popcorn is one way to get the message across.


This pie looks perfect, but the crust might be a bit tough.


And your fortune says…. you will be taking hot things out of the oven in your future.


These almost look good enough to eat.


We prefer our fries slightly less liable to ignite.


At least you can erase your mistakes with this nigiri sushi.


We think the filling might be a bit rubbery.


Checkers Counter: The most disappointing of the new Oreo flavors.


Nothing like an ice cold glass of…. oh.

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