12 Things Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink Says About You


Have you ever been at a bar and felt embarrassed when ordering your favorite drink? Maybe it’s some crazy cocktail or a low-alcohol beer, but no matter what it is, it generally says something about you. People are quick to jump to conclusions when they take a look at your favorite tipple, we’ve all done it, and everyone has done it to us! So, if you want to know what everyone else is thinking when you’re ordering your go-to drink, take a look!


‘Rum and Coke’ – You like to play things safe and tend to be pretty responsible!


‘Vodka water with lime’ – You’re a health-freak and, somewhat, of a lightweight!


‘Rose spritzer’ – Everyone thinks you’re just a girly girl who cries at ‘Pretty Woman’, and has been waiting for her prince to sweep her off her feet since forever!


‘Malibu and Diet Coke’ – This combo is mostly drunk by plastic surgery and spray tan enthusiasts over the age of 30. Sorry!


‘Cosmopolitan’ – People who just can’t get enough of these tend to think they’re sophisticated. Everybody else usually disagrees!


‘Redbull and vodka’ – You are the life and soul of the party but you can make pretty bad life choices, especially when you’re drunk!


‘Pabst Blue Ribbon’ – If you enjoy this drink then, unfortunately, nobody will have any respect for your choice!


‘Neat whiskey’ – People think you’re a bit of a hardened alcoholic, even though you’re just a purist!


‘Screwdriver’ – You’re the type of person who is pretty crazy and likes to drink alone… during the day… you also drink at night. In fact, you like to drink 24/7!


‘Michelob Ultra’ – People usually think you’re just a no-fun lightweight.


‘Jungle Juice’ – If this is your favorite drink, you’re young at heart and haven’t managed to quite let go of your college days!


‘Gin and tonic’ – People think you’re a spoiled rich kid!

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