12 Awesome Tailgate Drinking Games To See You Through Football Season


During football season, sometimes the tailgating is almost as fun as watching the games! All those beers and cool people to hang out with makes for an excellent combination, and if you have some fun games to play, all the better! So, say goodbye to those long and infuriating morning pre-game waits, and say hello to these 12 awesome tailgate games! Enjoy and let us know in the comments if you've any favorites of your own! 


'Anywhere Table Tennis' – Play table tennis on any flat surface with one of these cool kits!

table tennis girls


'Sports Targets' – How to have lots of fun without throwing balls everywhere and upsetting your neighbors!

sports targets


'Washer Toss' – Who doesn't enjoy a game of this?

washer toss


'500' – Feel like a child again… well an older, drunken child, by grabbing a ball and playing '500' with your friends!

throwing ball


'Basketpong' – This is a crowd pleaser!




'Beer Pong' – Because sometimes the oldies are the best!

beer pong


'Franklin Sports Tailgate Game' – Buying a kit like this one will ensure everyone has a great time!

tailgate game


'Dizzy Bat' – This is a pretty crazy drinking game where the first player takes a hollow bat, fills it with beer then chugs it. Next, they place the bottom of the bat on the ground, lean their forehead on the top and spin around the bat five times! Finally, someone tosses a crushed-up can and the player needs to hit it. If they miss, they need to repeat the process until they hit that can!

dizzy bat players


'Cornhole' – Also known as 'bean bag toss', there is something totally awesome about this simple game, especially when alcohol incentives are involved!

bean bag toss


'Flip Cup' – Make some new friends by playing a game of 'flip cup'. Everyone gets into relay lines on each side of a table and take turns to down their beer and flip their cup upside down as quickly as possible.

flip cup


'Trivia' – If you and your friends just want to sit and chill awhile, why not buy an NFL trivia game to make time pass more rapidly?

nfl player


'Tackle Buddy' – Everyone will love getting rid of all that pent-up energy by smashing one of these around!

tackle buddy

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