Designer Domenic Bahmann Brings Everyday Objects To Life


Melbourne, Australia-based designer Domenic Bahmann's humor-filled designs are simple yet so very clever. He arranges every day objects that you would find around any home and makes them into fun creatures and images. You may think that there is no art to be found in an old light bulb or some coffee-filled mugs but you are wrong! Check out the 25 awesome creations below and you may just begin seeing the artistic potential in every day things around your home too!

Website: DomenicBahmann


Button Pig


Couch Surfing


Egg Puppy




Fruitney, Australia


Get Comfy


Good Morning




Healthy M






Midnight Snack


Music Cloud


Music to my Ears


Note Ship



Octopus Banana


Pasta Skyline


Sock Panda


Sound of Nature




Takeoff in the Morning


The Big Idea




We need to ketchup


World Record

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