15 Well-Known Logos With Hidden Meanings You Didn’t Know About


Company logos are part of every day life. We are so immersed in them being everywhere around us that we often don’t even take time to notice them anymore. Here we look at 15 of the most recognizable company logos on earth and find out the real story behind them. Forget those crazy sensationalist articles on bizarre meanings behind company logos and find out the truth here!


Pepsi spent $1 million in 2008 coming up with their new logo (on the right). Arnell Associates came up with the design and a leaked document says that they drew upon the theory of relativity, the geodynamo of the earth, Feng Shui, the Renaissance and more to come up with the design. Wow.


The three ellipses in the Toyota logo are supposedly representative of three hearts. That of the customer,  that of the product and of the heart of progress.


The blue and white on the BMW logo are representative of the colors of the Bavarian Free State. Using a national symbol as a commercial trademark was illegal at the time the logo was created so the colors were put in a different order.


The blue of the Mobil logo is representative of fidelity and security whereas the red is symbolic of strength.

The V and W of the Volkswagen logo stand for ‘Volks’ which is German for ‘people’ and ‘Wagen’ which means ‘car’. So basically this is a car for the people!

NBC created this awesomely colorful peacock logo to adapt to the new color TV technology developed by their owner RCA way back in the 1950’s!

The tri-star of the Mercedes-Benz logo represents the company’s strong presence over sea, land and air.

The Google logo is made up of four primary colors in a row which are suddenly broken up by a secondary color. This is because Google wanted to illustrate that they are fun and they don’t play by the rules.

These four hoops represent the founding members of the Auto-Union Consortium in 1932 – Audi, Wanderer, Horch and DKW.

The McDonalds ‘Golden Arches’ really are just the letter ‘M’ – nothing more and nothing less. Interestingly though, way back in the 1960’s McDonalds were considering changing their logo however psychologist and design consultant Louis Cheskin declared that customers equated the logo with a “pair of nourishing breasts” and advised that it should not be changed!

The Adidas logo is actually representative of a mountain and overcoming obstacles!

The white lines which pass through the IBM logo are representative of the equal sign in math and are all about equality.

The famous Apple logo represents the forbidden fruit from the ‘Tree of Knowledge’.         

You might think that the Amazon logo just contains a smiley face however you may also notice that the arrow is pointing from the a to the z. Basically Amazon is letting us know that they have tons of items for sale, everything from A to Z!


The arrow which is situated between the letters E and X is representative of the forward thinking and progressive attitude of the company.