Amazing Photos You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped

More often than not, the best photos are the ones captured candidly. You don’t really need all that staging or those fancy equipment to get that “winning shot”. Here are 28 amazing photos that prove creativity and perfect timing are all it takes to take photographs that will leave people speechless.

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These Glasses Are Watching Me

Camouflage On Fleek

How Cool Is This Elephant-Face Rock Formation?

There Seems to Be A Merging Going On

Does Anyone Know How I Can Get Out of Here? Anyone?

The Heavens Have Spoken

My Shadow Is Prettier Than Me

FREE at Last!

Boy, That’s Quite A Big Hand You’ve Got There

Is This A Giraffe or A Unicorn?

Look Mom, I Can Sit On Water!

Ghost Ship (It’s Actually The Bridge’s Shadow)

Perfect Fit

Batman Building

That Winning Shot

When Your Eyes Deceive You

I Think I’ve Found The Flying Dutchman

Is This A Fence or A Piano?

Didn’t Know Bears Are Into Deserts Now

I Thought Clouds Are Weightless?

A Cup of Tea Looking Like The Ashes at Sunset

This Girl’s Got Some Serious Skills

Where Did This Shadow Come From?

Surprisingly, Ships Can Now Dock On The Street

Which Is Which?

Gotta Hold On and Act Strong Even When You’re Losing It Inside