Funniest Photos of Cats Crashing Nativity Scenes

Cats love to take a nap and they spend most of their time looking for a comfortable place to chill. So it’s not surprising to see them invading the nativity scene. With a comfy soft manger to lie in, tiny figurines to play with, and a warm cozy stable perfect for a relaxing catnap.  For these cats, the nativity scene is a perfect paradise!

Get ready to laugh your hearts out as these adorable kitties try to crash the ‘supposedly’ solemn nativity scenes, all captured in these photos:

15.  Feline invasion of the nativity scene

14.   This cat was given the mission to protect the baby.

13.  And then the cat finds his rightful place…

12.  “Don’t mind me… just keep doing what you’re doing while I cozy up here.”

11.  This cutie kitty tries to warm himself by the campfire.

10.  This cat is trying to do the impossible… fit himself into the tiny manger. While the angel, the 3 wise men, Mary, Joseph, the shepherd, and even baby Jesus can’t help but watch his struggle.

9.   The cat’s reaction upon seeing baby Jesus is priceless!

8.  Not all cats are invasive. This reverent cat knows how to play along with the solemnity of the nativity.

7.  We all know the fact that cats always want to be the center of attention… but this is over the top! All hail the King!

6.  While some cats think they are the baby Jesus, there’s also one that thinks he’s a donkey.

5.  There is something out of place in this picture.

4.  The nativity set is a plaything for this cat.

3.  ‘Tis is the moment when the whole world bows down to the king of kings.

2.  And the Heaven sent a big fat cat to guard the stable where the baby Jesus was born.

  1.  Why not put the whole nativity set ON the cat? Why not?