Buy Your Very Own Enchanted Forest For $2.7 Million


Ever dreamed of having your very own enchanted forest? Complete with castle, wizard, a whole host of other magical characters? Well, if you're cashed up, then now is the time to act on those fantasies! Because for a cool, $2.7 million, you can buy yourself the forest playground of your childhood dreams. The Enchanted Forest, located in British Colombia, is currently owned by Doris and Earnest Needham, who built the interactive woodland play area as part of a life long dream. It opened to the public in the 1960's but is now for sale. Check it out!


Visitors to the forest are able to interact with the scenery and enter the homes of various woodland characters that live there.


Snow White, The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and many more of your favorite characters live here.


Here's the protector of the forest and its inhabitants…


Perhaps it's time that a prince swept you off your feet!


The buildings truly are like something out of a fairytale.


See what I mean?


There's even a castle dungeon!


Don't fall, Humpty!


Over 350 characters live in the forest.



The forest is also home to some of British Colombia's tallest trees!


Check out this fully interactive mushroom home!


Look out for the dragon!


This place is so magical, it's hard to believe it's real!


Don't forget to say hello to the resident Wizard!


You can also take a scenic boat trip whilst in the forest.


Or, go for a walk through the beautiful scenery. 

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