12 Awesome Airport Tips Everyone Needs To Know This Summer


Traveling can be a lot of fun but the airport is probably not everyone’s idea of a good time. Whether you are a frequent traveler for business or you are looking forward to a well-earned summer vacation, we have 12 of the handiest airport tips ever for your reading and viewing pleasure. Who knew flights in the morning are less likely to suffer turbulence or that there are actual plane seat review sites? Read on for all you need to know about surviving the airport next time you travel.

If your baggage is over the limit, put on some extra clothes from your suitcase just until you get to the other side

joey clothes

Take a photo of your parking spot at the airport so you remember where you put your car when you come back from vacation!

cars parked

If you are traveling with bored kids, take them to the family lounge where you can get some rest and relaxation while they go wild!

boys family lounge


To take advantage of the cheapest park and fly deals around, check out this site

perfect spot parking


We all hate turbulent flights. To try to avoid a bumpy journey, fly in the morning when conditions are usually clearer

people pretend flying


Ask politely for an upgrade. Remember if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

beyonce upgrade


Use review sites such as Seat Guru to check out which are the best seats on the plane

seating plan plane
seat map key


Put an empty water bottle into your carry on and fill it up at a water fountain rather than buying very expensive airport drinks

water bottle

This is a clever one. As most people are right handed, they will instinctively turn to use the security lane on the right. Use the left hand lane to save time!

beyonce left


It is perfectly legal to bring your own alcoholic drinks onto the plane so long as they are in 100ml or less containers and are in a 20cm x 20cm Ziploc bag. Unfortunately dependant on where you are in the world it may be an offense to drink any alcohol which is not served by the plane staff. Check out the US rules here

drinks in ziploc

Flying red eye flights saves money, time and you won’t have to stand in line for hours either. Be brave and go for an overnight flight if you can

red eye


Applying and being accepted for TSA Pre Program or Global Entry will enable you to skip security lines at the airport so you will have more time for relaxation, perfect!

keep shoes on sign

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