20 Things That You Need in Your Dream Home

Most of us have fantasized about what our dream home would be like and what it would have. Although we may or may not ever achieve that dream, it’s good to be prepared, right? Most of these items might be more like “wants” rather than “needs”, but if we’re talking about our dream homes, then they definitely need to be present! Take a look at these amazing items and prepare to start coveting! 

A window seat bed. We want the stunning view, as well!

A Wine Station for the kitchen.

And beer taps for the garden. 

An amazing waterslide with an entrance in the bedroom closet.

An outdoor swimming pool home theater.

Some awesome stairs with slide option.

A gorgeous porch swing day bed for lounging.

An amazing outdoor kitchen.

We’re not really sure what this orb seat is for (other than sitting), but we know we want one!

A pool that looks like a running river.

A super skylight.

No dream home would be complete without a hidden room.

A porch with its own fireplace.

And a fire pit with its own beach.

A handy dog shower in the garage.

A disco backsplash to dazzle all your guests.

A fireplace in the bathroom.

A balcony desk.

Or, better yet, a balcony swimming pool!

An incredible shower!

So, that’s our dream home sorted!