These Amazing 3D Pencil Drawings Will Mess With Your Mind

For most people, a pencil drawing is just a stick figure or a collection of scribbles on a page, but this talented group of artists put those to shame. These drawings appear as though they’ve been drawn on regular lined notebook paper, but there’s a twist. At first glance, you’d think they were 3D, but on closer inspection, it’s actually a clever optical illusion. Artists come together on the “Nas Linhas do Caderno” Facebook page and share their works. One of the most prolific 3D artists on the page is a 15-year-old named João A. Carvalho, who also goes by the name “J Desenhos”. This kid has mountains of talent, and we’re sure that he’ll go far with it. As for the drawings, take a look below and prepare to be astounded!

Website: Nas Linhas do Caderno











The effort that it must take to create the 3D effect is amazing and we’re all suitably impressed! 

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