18 Of The Most Creative Christmas Tree Ideas

Whether your taste is traditional or ultra modern, there is no denying that this selection of DIY Christmas trees ideas is incredible. From a hand drawn tree on a blackboard to the ultra retro Pac Man tree, there is something here to suit everyone’s tastes. So take inspiration from the examples below this festive season and see what ideas you can come up with!


Amazingly colorful spinning tree.


Natural driftwood tree.


Incredible ‘floating’ tree.


Awesomely cool Pac Man tree.


The eco friendly cardboard tree.


The minimalist tree. Erm…ok.


The ‘Chemistree’.


Turn those old newspapers into an eco friendly newspaper tree!



Pretty doilie trees.


The cute toy tree will be a hit with your little ones!


Get creative and draw a tree!


The Portal upside down tree.

The inflated latex glove tree.


A tree for a book lover.


This tree is part of a bridal store window display. It’s awesome!


The arty pencil tree.


Bought too much wrapping paper? Turn spare rolls into a Christmas tree!


Wooden board tree. Naturally beautiful.

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