Basement Of Luxury Hotel Contains World’s Largest Intact Mosaic For All To See

In 2010, a construction crew made an astonishing discovery while digging the foundation for a new hotel in Antakya, Turkey. It was a large ancient mosaic which was believed to date back about 2,000 years. Due to the unexpected discovery, the construction of the hotel was put on hold. Archaeologists and architects then worked together to fully unearth and preserve the hidden treasure.

Nine years after its discovery, the Antakya Hotel finally unveiled the world’s largest intact ancient mosaic in all its glory. The impressive geometric work measures 9,000 square feet and was the largest intact geometric work ever excavated. The luxury hotel, which was later rebranded as a museum hotel, is now offering the majestic archeological find for viewing in its basement. A platform hovering above the monumental piece and designated viewing points were constructed to allow visitors to view the masterpiece below.


Largest Intact Ancient Mosaic Unearthed In A Hotel Basement

From the viewing points, visitors can see the vast ancient mosaic which features mesmerizing geometric shapes and non-repeating figures. More strikingly, the masterwork has a rippled surface which made it look more like a giant rug than a floor. Scholars speculate that the once-flat artifact grew curved due to earthquakes in 526 and 528 AD. This gave them the conjecture that the masterwork existed by 526 AD and was believed that it once decorated the floor of a 6th century public building in Antioch, one of the major cities in the Seleucid Empire.


Despite its rippled appearance, the large majority of the ancient mosaic is intact. Visitors can clearly see the intricate craftsmanship made from thousands of small stone tesserae. Furthermore, it depicts work from 13 different civilizations spanning from the Hellenistic period to the Islamic period. You can take peek of this historic discovery if you visit The Museum Hotel Antakya in Turkey.


Source: Instagram