20 Creative DIY Ideas That You Will Love


We all have a build up of things that’s pretty much either collecting dust or getting put to one side ready to be thrown out. Before you get rid of any of it, have you thought about creatively recycling some of it yourself? You could turn a plastic bottle into a broom, or use tabs from cans to create stylish bags! These are just a couple of things from the list of creative DIY ideas we have put together for you. Hopefully there will be something here to give you some inspiration on what can be achieved when you put your mind to it!

cloud night lightcloud night light 1



can tabscan tabs 1can tabs 2can tabs 3



diy bird feeder


diy glovediy glove 1diy glove 2diy glove 3diy glove 4diy glove 5diy glove 6diy glove 7diy glove 8

diy glove 9

Miyako Toyota|Instructions here


diy shoesdiy shoes 1


spoon lampspoon lamp 1spoon lamp 2spoon lamp 3


pineapple flowerspineapple flowers 1


maple leaf rosesmaple leaf roses 1


easter eggseaster eggs 1easter eggs 2


lace lamplace lamp 1


lightbulb vase



rosy stationery


solar bottle bulb

Check out our post on this here: Light Up Your Home For Free

spoon rosespoon rose 1


tetrabox lamptetrabox lamp 1tetrabox lamp 2tetrabox lamp 3tetrabox lamp 4


windshield rainbow


toilet paper arttoilet paper art 1toilet paper art 2

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