Light Up Your Home For Free

Brazilian mechanic Alfredo Moser has invented a way to cut your electricity bills in the daytime! All you will need is a bottle, water and some bleach. You will then need to make a hole in the roof for the bottle to sit in, and secure it in place with watertight polyester resin. Once the bottle of water and bleach are in place, sit back, relax and let the suns rays do the rest of the work! Here’s how it works: the suns rays will bend through the bottle and spread across the whole room, giving you enough light to see everything. It’s the equivalent to around 40-60 watts. 

water and bleach light

This invention has been named the ‘Moser Lamp’ and has provided a low cost lighting solution for many people’s lives in poor countries. Hats off to Alfredo Moser for coming up with the idea!