20 Creative Chandelier Designs Made From Unexpected Items


When you think about chandeliers, you probably imagine something extremely fancy, made using cut glass or crystal. While that is a traditional kind of chandelier, they don't have to look that way at all. The proof is in the pudding, or so they say, so take a peek at these 20 weird and wonderful chandeliers made from items that you probably have around the home. Some of these are actually beautiful, some quirky and some just plain odd, but see for yourself and let us know if you're going to attempt to recreate any of these in your home!


This chandelier is made from zip ties!


You can make this yourself from circles of waxed paper.


Vintage spoons make for a unique and different chandelier.


These striking chandeliers are made from real skeletons. Well, real umbrella skeletons, anyway!


Any Daria fans might see the resemblance between this and Jane's "Pottery Blam" art piece.


This cool chandelier is made out of strips of paper.


Old costume jewelry necklaces can make an attractive chandelier.


This fun chandelier is made from magnifying glasses.


This mini lampshade chandelier is adorable.


You'll never need to search for a spoon again.


Glow sticks make an awesome, yet temporary, chandelier.


This old globe chandelier is beautiful.



You can't go wrong with fairy lights!


This cupcake liner chandelier looks especially effective when turned on.


If you love your wine, this might be the chandelier for you!


Or, if you're more of a cocktail fan…


Check out this cute clothes pin chandelier.


Any literature buffs would love this book page chandelier.


Don't throw out your empty beer bottles!


This Barbie chandelier is genuinely terrifying!