13 Things You’ll Relate To If Everything In Your Life Is Wrong – Part 1


Nobody who’s on this earth today actually chose to be alive, and while life can be wonderful, it’s not that way for everyone. Whether you suffer from clinical depression or you just get a bit bummed out now and then, life can seem meaningless and throw you into a spiral of existential dread. Most people feel this way from time to time, even when things in their day to day existence seem to be going well. But, if you feel like everything is going badly, then this feeling can be even worse! We think it’s good to try and find humor in it, though, as it could be the first step in dealing with your issues. Check out these thirteen things you’ll relate to if everything in your life is wrong!



When this is pretty much your mantra.


And this feels too close to the bone.


We’re not sure if this is great advice, but we’re willing to take it.


When this feels extremely accurate.


Sometimes your phone knows you better than you know yourself.


All day, every day.


Sometimes we all feel like this.


This is so true.


Pie charts often speak the truth.


Of course, we’re joking but it can feel this way.


When you have to laugh through the pain.


This is how you see yourself in old age.


Just keep rolling with the punches.

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