People Share Their Experiences With Having A Psychotic Break

A psychotic break is something that many people have heard of, but don’t really know much about. It’s easy to just presume someone is ‘crazy’. However, each person’s experience, the reasons behind them and the severity of the breakdown varies. We think it’s important to spread awareness and educate people on these subjects. Here we have a group of people sharing their real life experiences with having a psychotic break. Take a look and remember the world would be a better place if we all judged each other a little less and tried to help and understand each other a little more…
Website: Whisper

It’s a shame when a negative experience ruins something that you used to love. 

Medication can save lives, but taking the wrong ones can lead to trouble. Hopefully this person found medication that worked for them sooner rather than later. 

Having a supportive partner to help during tough times is irreplaceable. 

Watching anyone have a breakdown is horrible, let alone a family member. 

What a tricky situation to be in. We sincerely hope this person got better. 

Not knowing what’s going on in your own mind is terrifying. 

Feeling helpless to change our own situations sucks. 

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Sleep deprivation can lead to all sorts of things. It’s not a joke! Our bodies need rest. 

We get this. People are so judgmental these days. Who wants to be labelled crazy?

He clearly cares to be there for you during a dark time, but it was probably hard to handle. Communication is key! Finding good people can be hard, hold on to them where you can. 

The hair will grow back, lovely. Please don’t be ashamed of being unwell. 

That’s a hell of a lot of cars! 

You got through the struggles and that’s the main thing! 

Hearing voices in your head can seriously drive you insane.