12 Adorable Yet Offensive Greeting Cards To Give To Your Enemies – Part 2


If you’ve made it through to the second part of this post, then you can’t have been too shocked by the offensive greeting cards we featured in part one! Yes, they are definitely offensive, but they’re extremely funny, too. Designed by Phil Wall, they aren’t yet available in actual greeting card form, as these are only the first drafts, but if you keep an eye out, we hope they’ll be available to buy soon so we can offend all our friends, and our nemeses, too. Here are twelve adorable yet offensive greeting cards to give to your enemies. Take a look!

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The perfect card for anyone who turned into a jerk after getting married.


For that person so awful that even Jesus couldn’t love them.


If all else fails, there’s always the spoons.


We’re not going to deny it.


You should probably steer clear of anyone under five.


We just know that they won’t.


There are multiple reasons why we won’t give you a hug.


Never underestimate the importance of coffee.


Maybe you’d like to try a slice?


Yup. Right on your face.


If there’s one anywhere in your vicinity, please do us all a favor.


There’s no denying the truth.

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