This Cafe In Tokyo Lets You Handle Owls While Enjoying Your Refreshments


Imagine popping into your local cafe for a nice refreshing drink, and getting to play with owls whilst you're there. Well, if you are ever in Tokyo, you don't have to imagine this scenario, you can live it. At Ikefukurou Cafe, customers are allowed to spend time with and handle all sorts of different owls for the bargain price of USD11.50 per hour during the week, and USD13 during weekends. Local owl owners are welcome to bring their own birds to the cafe to mingle with feathered friends, whilst if you want to buy an owl, you can do so via an in-house breeder. "Ikefukurou" combines the name of the area, Ikebukuro with the Japanese word for owl, fukuro. Check out these amazing pics!

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