Beautiful Leaf Bowls Made From Real Leaf Skeletons By Artist Kai Sekimachi


Many artists will incorporate nature into their work. This definitely applies to Japanese artist Kai Sekimachi, who has literally used a product of nature to create her awesome pieces… leaf bowls! Born in 1926 her life has been defined by perseverance, she was held at the Topaz Relocation Center in Delta, Utah, with other Japanese Americans during World War II. She eventually graduated from the California College of Arts and Crafts in 1949. Without knowing a thing about weaving, she spent all her savings on buying a loom after seeing students working in the weaving room! Sekimachi went on to write numerous books on crafts, and boy is she talented!


Whilst Sekimachi is most famous for her labor-intensive loom works, here she creates these slyvan masterpieces by adding Kozo paper, watercolor and Krylon coating (to give the leaves solid form). Check out the awesome creations below!
Website: My Modern Met