18 Awesome Ideas That All Parents Should Know

No matter how much you love your kids, parenting isn’t an easy task at times. There are often difficulties to overcome, such as administering medicine to a baby who just isn’t cooperating or keeping bored children entertained on a rainy day. There’s no harm in utilizing some of the collective wisdom of experienced parents and getting some ideas about how to overcome these kinds of issues. Take a look at these awesome parenting ideas and see how many might work for you! 

If you don’t want to drill into your banisters, attach baby gates using zip ties. 

A great idea for when kids outgrow their crib.

Does your little one have a tendency to run off? Try a temporary tot tattoo. 

No more tears at bath time. Find it here: Baby Shower Cap

Catch sticky drips from popsicles using a cupcake case.

Stickers can help teach kids which shoe does on which foot.

Need a simple way to entertain your kids for hours? This never fails. Just make sure they’re supervised carefully.

A portion of pool noodle toward the top of the door will stop little fingers getting trapped. 

Poke a hole in a pacifier and it can be used to administer liquid medicine

This monster spray is really just water, but it might help kids who are afraid of ghouls and ghosts in the closet. 

This knight helmet is an excellent alternative to a wooly hat that kids won’t fight about wearing. Find it here: Knight Helmet Hat

A clever incentive to get older children to complete their chores.

Glitter makes money from the tooth fairy seem more special. 

Turn an old DVD case into a portable coloring tray for car journeys or rainy days.

This baby hammock is genius.

Don’t have a baby bath? This will help keep toys close and creates a smaller, safer bathing area.

Never get your twins confused again! Find it here: Twin A Twin B Onesies

It’s never too early to start them on chores! Find it here: Baby Mop Onesie

Let us know which of these ideas is your favorite.

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