15 Creative And Beautiful Hairstyles Fit For A Disney Princess


Whether you are a bride-to-be or have a special occasion to attend, don't forget to put some thought into your hair. These 15 amazing Disney princess-style hairstyles are perfect for making yourself feel and look incredibly special. Many require a great deal of skill however with practice they can be recreated at home. If in doubt, get a friend involved and enjoy learning some new techniques. Don't forget to let us know which hairstyle is your favorite in the comments below. 


These henna crowns are beautiful head adornments for women with cancer or alopecia

henna crown


This is incredible! It must have taken hours to perfect

belle flower hair


Sometimes simple is best with this beautiful face-framing crown of braids

braid crown


These romantic braided curls with roses are beautiful

roses braided curls


Nothing but natural hair and a floral headpiece

headpiece natural hair


Achieve understated glamor with these picture-perfect curls

perfect curls hairclip


A bridal hair accessory added to this beautiful hairstyle is the perfect finishing touch

low braided bun



How about this intricate style incorporating roses braided from the models actual hair?

braided roses hair


This braided updo is finished off perfectly with a single bow

braided updo bow


This style mixes modern with vintage

vintage princess leia



Sometimes keeping it simple is best

simple floral updo


This colorful fishtail braid is a perfect example of understated modern glamor

colorful fishtail braid



You'll need to be incredibly skilled to recreate this awesome curved waterfall braid. Practice makes perfect!

curved waterfall braid


Pink streaks add depth and interest to this Chinese floral updo

chinese floral updo


What can we say about this gorgeous rose-laden braid? It's perfect!

rose braid curls

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