Romantic Gestures That Put The Rest Of Us To Shame


In a relationship, it’s nice for both partners to make romantic gestures now and again. However, everyone’s idea of romance is different. For some people, it might be some huge lavish thing, like planning and paying for a two-week holiday, whereas for others it’s the little things that count the most, like carrying extra tampons for your girlfriend when she doesn’t want to bring a purse. Whatever romance means to you, treating your partner or doing something kind for them never goes amiss. Now, take a look at these thirteen romantic gestures that put the rest of us to shame!



We hope that she’ll be surprised!


This is so sweet!


We think this guy is definitely a keeper!


A lot of guys wouldn’t do this!


Fingers crossed she says “yes!”


Learning an instrument is no small task.


Better late than never!


This is a big step.


He really must care if he’s willing to do this.


It’s just a small gesture, but some men wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it.


It’s sweet that this husband would rather spend his birthday with his wife.


Doing things for others is showing that you care.


This is a really kind and thoughtful gift!

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