Honest Confessions From Stay At Home Moms


In the current economic climate, many families need two paychecks, so it’s becoming less common to be a stay at home mom. However, there are still plenty of them out there, and if there is anything we’ve learned from their stories is that there are plenty of ways to be a SAHM. Some stay at home moms say that it’s the most important job in the world, whereas others resent it when people call it a job. Some stay at home moms feel like they have to do all the cooking and cleaning as well as looking after the kids, whereas others make sure their husbands do their fair share. Check out these twelve honest confessions from stay at home moms.



We think it’s sensible to expect your partner to share in domestic duties.


It must be frustrating when people think being a stay at home mum is so easy.


We can understand why it would feel like the money earned by your partner isn’t really yours, even if he’s willingly supporting his family.


Some SAHMs believe it’s the most important job there is.


If your partner works odd hours, sometimes you have to get creative


We definitely know it’s not easy raising kids!


This actually sounds like an unhealthy perspective.


There’s no need to feel guilty but we get it.


Some moms would never consider what they do a job.


You can be a stay at home mom and a feminist.


That’s one way of putting it!


There’s a lot more to being a stay at home mom than some people realize.

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