Hilarious Improved Animal Names That Will Put A Smile On Your Face


Have you ever pondered the name of a particular animal species and thought, “yeah, well that’s alright, I suppose, but we could do better?!” The folks from EatLiver.com certainly have, because they’ve come up with a whole host of new, improved names for animals that already have names. Will they catch on? Well, probably not! But, are they better than the original names? That’s for you to decide! They’re definitely funny, either way! So, check out these twelve hilarious improved animal names that will put a smile on your face!



We think wizard cow is definitely the best name for this mysterious creature.


Aww. We love trash pandas!


This name pretty much sums it all up!


Porcupine or stab rabbit? You decide!


Well, he’s certainly pantless, that’s for sure!


Naked mole rat pretty much describes this guy to a tee, but if you prefer the improved name, make it so!


He does look a bit on the grumpy side!


This new improved name is disturbingly accurate.


Fart squirrel basically describes the essence of the skunk. Good call.


Yes. We will give you all the food!


White tiger? No! It’s a danger zebra!


Or, if you’re more of a snake person, meet the danger noodle!

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