10 Common Bra Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

For most women, bras are a necessary, infuriating evil. You have to go bra shopping for them, which is frustrating in itself, as they’ve always run out of your size or favorite color and the sizing can vary across different brands. Then you have to actually wear them, which is even more irritating, because they’ll start to dig in after a while, or don’t go with the top you want to wear.

If you are sick and tired of bra issues, then this is the post for you! Learn about the 10 most common bra mistakes and how to put them right! Your boobies, and the rest of you, will thank you for it! Take a look!

Wearing the wrong sized bra. A lot of women wear a band size too large and a cup size too small. Make sure to get yourself properly measured and fitted once in a while!

Thinking you need a push-up bra. All breast sizes should be celebrated, try a non-lined bra for a more natural look!

Wearing a bra two days in a row. While it may not be too much of a hygiene issue, it’s harmful for the longevity of your bra. Give it some time off so the elastic can reset itself! 

Washing your bra with ‘Woolite’. This damages your bra by softening the elastic. Avoid it and the fit will be better, and will last for much longer.

Insisting on a contoured bra. If you have perky breasts, a contoured bra may be ok, but if you’re like most women, then a soft-seamed bra is probably going to be way more comfortable and a better fit.



Your bra band rides up your back. The band should never be higher than the underwire, this is another sign of a poorly fitted bra!

Using the tightest bra hook. This goes back to buying the right band size. You should be able to wear the looser hooks at first, moving to the tighter ones as the bra stretches with age!

Wearing a bra that has seen better days. You shouldn’t really wear a bra that’s older than 8 months.

You wear the wrong bra for your outfit. Make sure to purchase a variety that will suit your different tops and dresses. Like so…

Choosing a bra based on cup size is a big mistake. Look for the band size first, then the cup!