12 Tips That Will Make Cleaning A Breeze


Does it feel like a constant battle to tackle dirt in your house? Cleaning doesn't have to take hours upon hours if you know the little tips and tricks that make cleaning a breeze! We are going to show you some useful cleaning tips that will get you well on your way to getting the house clean in no time. Why make things tougher then they have to be?!


There are several ways to clean your kitchen sink: 1. Use baking soda with an old toothbrush and scrub. 2. Use ice and rocks together with the garbage disposal on. 3. Use lemon slices. 4. Soak kitchen towels in vinegar and let them sit inside the sink for a while.

kitchen sink lemons ice


Mix the juice of half a lemon with 300 ml of water and place in the microwave on high heat for 5-10 minutes. Then you can wipe off the dissolved grease and grime easily and you'll have a fresh, lemon scent.

clean microwave with lemon


Clean your curling iron with a piece of steel wool.

curling iron


To clean your hairbrush, wash it in warm water that has a little shampoo or washing up liquid. Use a toothbrush to scrub all over the hairbrush for a good 5 minutes. Then leave the brush to soak in the solution for a further 10 minutes. Remove and blot with paper towels. Leave to dry overnight.



Mix together 1 tbsp of ammonia with 1 cup of hot water in a spray bottle. Heat up your iron to the hottest setting. Spray your stain and then lay a white towel over it. Iron the towel, making sure you keep it moving. The stain will transfer to the towel.

kool aid out of carpet


Let the red wine dry before applying shaving cream. Work it into the stain and then place the shirt in the washing machine on a hot/warm wash.

wine stain shaving foam



Get rid of any moisture marks without them staining by ironing over a cloth.

white heat marks


salt to clean your iron


Bring up pans back to new with a little water, vinegar and baking soda. Instructions here.

clean burnt pans


clean air vents


Cleaning your washing machine has never been easier. Instructions here.

washing machine


Use Play-doh to pick up tiny pieces from your floor like glitter or confetti.


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