Tear-Jerking Last Wishes That Will Warm Your Heart

Death is very real albeit difficult part of life. At some point we all have to face our own mortality and that of our friends and loved ones. As individuals, we deal with death in different ways. Experiencing shock, anger and sadness is very common. Natural, in fact. When we’re confronted with a terminal diagnosis, we’d like to think that we would do something spectacular and far-reaching as our last action here on this earth. With this in mind, take a look at the last wishes of people who did something they loved before they passed.

The only thing this homeless man wanted was to see his dog one more time.

A homeless man’s last wish was for a loving family to adopt his dog.

Mom and dad enjoying their last dance the evening before she lost her 15 year cancer battle.

Jonathan’s final wish enabled an irrigation system to be provided to an orphanage in Zimbabwe.

All he wanted was to see his ponies.

A private viewing of a Rembrandt exhibition was this person’s request.

A former show jumper with Parkinson’s Disease, at age 87 this lady rode a horse for the last time.

This young couple managed to fulfil their dream of being married.

Lionel Richie made this woman so happy when he visited her.

He finally realised his ambition to see a dolphin.

He just wanted to visit his daughter’s grave for the final time.

This man wanted to spend his last days at home.

Being with her chicken made her feel content in her final days.

Her final wish was to spend time with her beloved cat.

During their final days, these brave people were each doing something that they loved. If these images have taught us anything, it’s the importance of living in the present. We are lucky enough to have friends and family around us, and should live each moment as if it could be our last. What’s crucial in life is to seize the day and to never pass up on a chance to be happy or an opportunity to bring some joy into the lives of others. If you’ve been inspired by this post, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Staying true to his vocation even in his final days, this music teacher taught his last lesson from his hospital bed.

He had one last visit back home to meet his newborn sister.

A doting father attends his son’s graduation as one final act of love.

This selfless lady’s dying wish was to raise the money for her own funeral so she didn’t financially burden her parents.

A few days after meeting her great-granddaughter, this 101-year-old lady passed away.

These kittens brought this lady comfort in her final days.

One dying woman’s wish was to see the scans of her unborn grandchild.

This young boy got the tattoo he always dreamed of.

Florence And The Machine surprised this terminally ill girl in hospital.

Pictured with her granddaughter, this grandma’s final wish before entering hospice was to see the ocean. Just look at their happy faces!

Her greatest wish was to see a prince and princess.

Diagnosed with brain cancer, this six-year-old began to leave little notes around her house for her family to find when she was gone.

Mario says goodbye to one of the giraffes who live in the enclosure he used to clean.

A grandfather enjoying a beer a week before he passed away in a nursing home.