14 Hilarious Celebrity Photo Recreations By A Comedienne That Will Leave You Laughing – Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our series on hilarious celebrity photo recreations by a comedienne that will leave you laughing! It really is no surprise that Celeste Barber has amassed a whopping 1.3 million Instagram followers as she is truly amusing. We love that she doesn’t take herself too seriously and can make any celeb image 10 times better! If you can’t live the celeb lifestyle in reality, this is fun thing to do instead! Thankfully for us viewers, we don’t see celebs stopping uploading images any time soon (or ever) so Celeste has plenty of material to work with. Keep going for more funny recreations!
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Thinking outside of the box!

Other shoppers must have been intrigued to see this occurring!

This does not look fun!

We will never understand the finger in the mouth look!

Who wears underwear when showering?

Which dress is your favorite?

Jokes aside Rita Ora has some awesome abs!

Taking tips from Kim and Kanye…

We love putting spoons on our eyes for photos… who doesn’t?

The J-Lo pose perfected…

What is it with grabbing your below area Justin?!

We admire Celeste’s confidence!

We know who we think looks cooler!

Playing the piano naked looks quite fun! Strange… but fun!