Cats Find Some Of The Strangest Places To Sleep

Cats are the sweetest creatures. When they feel like showing you some love, there’s nothing that can beat a good snuggle session together. Keep in mind though that cats are solitary creatures and they need their “me” time. If you’ve ever owned a cat, you’ll know that feeling of flying into a panic when you can’t figure out where he is. Usually, you’ll find him sleeping soundly in the airing cupboard or on a shelf. However, these daredevil cats have found some very strange places and positions to sleep in. Take a look and let us know in the comments where your cat likes to sleep!


Surely that’s uncomfortable!

We can’t believe this one!

This kitty is SLIP-ping into a deep sleep!

awkward cats sleeping sandal


Thanks goodness cats have nine lives. If he falls he’ll use one up!

A bed for a cultured cat!

This is just weird!

“That laptop will not take your attention away from me!”

A novel sleeping spot.

Liquid cat sleeps in the gutter!

Surely this is really annoying for them both!

Being guardian of the journal is tiring work.

awkward cats sleeping journal


This little kitten has found a cozy spot for a snooze!

How is this even possible?

awkward cats sleeping furniture computer


He’s exhausted after washing all those dishes.

awkward cats sleeping dish rack


It’s very hard work getting petted all day and looking so cute. So, it’s no wonder these cats have developed completely unparalleled abilities to make anywhere a comfortable choice to get some sleep. From kitties snoozing in copiers to gravity defying risk-taking felines, you’re sure to be completely amazed at these images. Their owners must be out of their minds with worry wondering where their beloved pets will show up next! Take a look at this next bunch of flexible felines and marvel at their ability to sleep anywhere and everywhere they please!

Let’s hope no one closes that door!

Office cat is tired out after making all those hilarious copies of his butt!

awkward cats sleeping copier


He’s given up trying to get attention!

A box makes a compact cat bed.

We’d never believe it if we didn’t see it!

We can hardly look!

awkward cats sleeping bbq


As good a place as any.

awkward cats sleeping boxes


What a cute little guy sleeping in a very strange space

Why doesn’t he stretch out on one chair instead of over that awkward space in between two?

awkward cats sleeping between chairs


He’s making sure he’ll get more attention than the laptop!

This tiny little guy thinks he’s a beer!

All that reading made him sleepy.

awkward cats sleeping books


He looks so comfortable and blissful!

“No, you can’t brush your teeth today.”